“Leslie is direct, honest and accurate.”

Kenneth Romans, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Investments

“Leslie digs beneath the philosophical surface and defines the step-by-step approach to organizational success.”

Anthony Wainwright, President and CEO, SilvarLisco / Silicon Valley Research

“It was as if she reached into my brain, crystallized and put into words all the things I was never able to articulate myself.  She spoke my dreams - and then told us how to make them come true.”

Takeo Minomiya, Corporate Vice President, Sony Corporation / President, Sony Semiconductor Company

“She is almost prescient in her ability to identify and address what is in store.  Listening to her message is a must.”

David Preimesberger, Chief Financial Officer, The Doctors Company

“By bringing her considerable and wide ranging global experience across private and public sectors, Leslie helps Board Members discharge their fiduciary duty and address complex, difficult and sensitive issues - always with a mind to maximizing performance and steering the strategic agenda to implementation and delivery.”

Dr. Isobel Simpson, Non-Executive Director, UK National Health Service

“Inspiring and highly practical, Leslie has exactly what it takes to identify those crucial success factors and put them to work in any organization.”

Leon D. Rizio, Vice President, IBM

“Leslie Kossoff has the rare ability to effectively combine the objective elements of a situation with the passion of today’s business environment to create a success orientation that is uncommon in the day-to-day stride of management.  Her ability to leverage individual strengths and views to stimulate the group raises synergy to a higher level.”

Wayne Kimball, Senior Vice President, Infonet

“Leslie’s elegant thinking and advice is stimulating, thought-provoking and immediately challenged and motivated us all to scrutinize how we are leading.”

Mark Goldring CBE, Chief Executive Officer, Oxfam

“Leslie was an inspiration to our executives and Non-Executive Directors.  Her approach leaves people challenged and enthused at the same time and her contribution endures in the best way.”

Paul Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, South East Coast Ambulance Service, UK National Health Service

“Leslie has redefined leadership for all with skills that are vitally important now and in the future.”

Richard Bulot, Senior Vice President, Seiko / Epson Corporation

“Leslie is a beacon of executive leadership, management and insight to even the most seasoned professional.”

Bernard Janov, Commander (Ret.), United States Navy

“Even as long as two years after Leslie had completed her work with us, I found myself thinking as issues were raised, ‘This is what Leslie was talking about.  This is what she wanted me to be prepared for.’  And, because of her uncanny ability to see and understand what was to come, I was prepared.”

Donald Antenore, Senior Vice President, Kraft Foods 

“Companies are too often susceptible to getting lost in the pursuit of sales and market share – overlooking or forgetting that the passion for the value and quality of products and service are what bring success.  Leslie’s refreshing and no-nonsense approach reminds us how to re-establish that passion as a driving force.  Her advice is key to success – now and in years to come.”

Michelle W. Bowman, Governor, Board of Governors, US Federal Reserve

"Leslie defines the essential qualities that all great leaders have and makes them available to each of us.”

Hon. William Huss, Los Angeles Superior Court (Ret.), President, IVAMS Mediation and Arbitration Services

“We would not have been able to move forward as we have without the knowledge and experience Leslie brought. Equally important, we have continued to build on the excitement and sense of possibilities she engendered.”

Harry E. Karsten, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Karsten Homes (A Berkshire Hathaway Company)