The Library Resources


 Self-Managed. Self-Directed. Immediately Implementable.

 Measurable. Repeatable.

With Immediate and Ongoing ROI...All in 5 to 7 Steps.

Organizations spend from tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars each year on internal and external consulting and training providers - not to mention the employee time - simply trying to get their organizations to work the way their executives want.

Sadly, they rarely see the ROI they're looking for from those investments - or, if they do, the 'successes' don't stick.

It's time for that to change.

The Library, written by internationally renowned executive advisor and coach Leslie L. Kossoff, consists of over 100 Resources with over 300 Applications in infinite combinations - provides the straightforward, directive, incredibly supportive guidance she has given her clients for over forty years.

No AI. No generalizations. No 'flavors of the month.'

Instead, The Library provides specific, actionable, ROI-based guidance in:

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