Transformation and Lean


It's sad but true that most change and improvement initiatives fail or, at best, limp along until they're all but forgotten - until the next "flavor of the month" comes along...which reminds everyone of why they were so angry about the last one.

These Resources give you the guidance you need to integrate change and continuous improvement into your organization so they work. And stick.

Aligning Strategy and Transformation

Avoiding the Most Common Errors

Balancing Activity and Results

Bonus, Reward and Recognition Systems

Costs, Revenues and Profits

From Transformation to Total Internal and External Customer Satisfaction

Lean Objectives and Outcomes

Measuring Culture

The Quick-Start Guide to Transformation and Lean

The ROI of Intellectual Curiosity

The ROI of Listening

Speed, Expectations and Stealth

The Three Pillars of Success

Trust as Behavior

What You Need to Know First