Too often, organizations create "strategies" that sit in drawers or are pulled out every six months for a check-up. That doesn't work. Strategy only works when it's visible - a living, breathing, integrated and measurable means of planning, tracking, documenting and changing the way the business does business.

These Resources - each designed for executive and management teams to work on together - help you build and keep your strategy alive...every step of the way.


Culture and Profitability

Culture as Behavior

Developing a Transformation Strategy

Disintermediation, Culture and Innovation

The Drucker Question

From Words to Execution

Getting Empowerment Right

The Macro- and Micro- Execution Strategy Decisions

Making Innovation Work

Managing the Transformation - What to Do First

P3 - The Fastest Way to Profitability


Strategizing Lean Implementation - Using the PDSA

The Three Voices of Success

Where Execution Goes Wrong