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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can The Library generate revenue?

Immediately. It's plug-and-play. Just add your brand and drop the Resources into an e-commerce or other portal.

It's also designed for vertical and horizontal expansion through GenAI so more revenues are available as quickly as you want to create them.

What's the market for The Library?

The Library delivers the domestic and global SMB/SME market. That's 99.99% of businesses in the United States and worldwide.

Is The Library only for SMBs and SMEs?

No. The Resources are designed to be used by individuals alone or organizations of up to 2500 employees - including divisions of larger corporations.

Is The Library an online-only offering?

It's up to you. It can also be structured using a hybrid, time-billable format.

What's the competitive landscape for The Library?

There isn't any. Existing LMS/LXP systems offer training. The Library delivers turnaround.

What makes The Library different?

It's written by Leslie L. Kossoff, a globally renowned executive advisor and coach, award winning business author and former assistant to Dr. W. Edwards Deming (yes, that Dr. Deming).

No AI. Ever. Until now - if you want.

It codifies her successful strategy and turnaround consulting methodology. Each Resource is complete unto itself or can be used in nearly infinite combinations - depending upon the user's need.

Because of Leslie's proprietary methodology, each Resource is measurable and nets immediate results. All in five to seven steps.

If The Library is so great, why hasn't it been scaled before now?

Because Leslie never wanted to build an organization. It was never her interest. She wanted to create the solution then let someone else take it to scale. 

Maybe you.

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